Sh. Said Elkasabi, Imam of Islamic Center of Union County

الشيخ سعيد القصبي الإمام للمركزالإسلامي لمقاطعة يونيون


Sh. Said Elkasabi, Imam

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About Sh. Elkasabi

Sh. Said Elkasabi has been the Imam at the Islamic Center of Union County since 2011.  Sh. Elkasabi, who is a member of the Association of Al-Azhar Scholars, a member of the World Association of Alumni of Al- Azhar Al-Sharif, and a member of the Imam Council of Tri-State Area, graduated of Al-Azhar University 1998, majoring in Islamic Dawah.    He was and is very active in outreach, interfaith, and various activities, locally and in Egypt.  He was a repeated guest of different Islamic TV shows for over three years.  He contributed many articles in the field of Dawah and current youth issues to local news papers. He continuously participate in interfaith events with local churches.

Sh. Elkasabi is certified family counselor from the Ministry of Endowments in Egypt.  More, he is an expert with youth current issues and struggles, and he is an expert in arbitration and solving disputes.

Sh. Elkasabi, previously, served as an Imam at different Islamic Centers at Queens and Brooklyn NY.

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