The mission of ICUC is to provide the Muslim community with a fostering environment that promotes spiritual and devotional growth and inspiring true and meaningful worship with correct application of religious knowledge, so as to help every-day believers grow in faith and virtue.


The vision of ICUC is to glorify God by, firstly, sharing the love and mercy of God in deeds and words, secondly, educate Muslims of the proper Islamic theology and methodology which serve as bulwark against terrorism, extremism, and antipathy, and thirdly, to build of communication and understanding with other faiths.

Legal Status

The Islamic Center of Union County , Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of New Jersey . ICUC holds a tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC § 501(c)(3)). ICUC provides all Islamic services to the Community of Union County and neighboring cities in New Jersey . ICUC has established the first masjid and the first weekend Islamic school in union township. ICUC is governed and directed by Board members, a non-compensated counseling body. ICUC is a law-abiding organization and works closely with city, county and state agencies and authorities to ensure continuous compliance with laws and regulations.