More Services

We provide recreational activities, social services and/or activities, and religious services, as follow:

Recreational Activities:

  • FAMILY NIGHT is community gathering event on every 1st Saturday of every month at ICUC, where every member of the family enjoys socializing relaxing time with other members of the community, participate in fun activities, and more. Food and refreshments are always served during Family Night.

  • SUMMER PICNICS, ICUC host an annual picnic for the whole family at a nearby park, where everyone enjoys the outdoors, have summer fun activities, playing volleyball and/or soccer, and while having a barbecue.


  • MARRIAGE AND MATRIMONIAL SERVICES, where ICUC help young adults of the community find their better half. If you need help in finding a candidate, let ICUC help you. Click here to fill the application. Note, all applications are treated with care and confidentiality.

    And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace and tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts) Verily in that are signs for those who reflect (Quran 30:21)

  • CURRENT EVENTS BASED SEMINARS. ICUC host seminars whenever it sees the need to discus current events or news affecting the Muslim community or the community at large.

Religious Services:

  • COUNSELING: One of the number one tasks, and most important duties for the Imam of ICUC is to give counseling to our community members, who are going through difficulties in life, and/or conflicts with others, by giving Islamic advise according to the Holy Quran and the Sunna.

  • WILL & TESTAMENT: Our Imam provide upon request the Islamic Will.

  • MUSLIM BURIAL: Every soul shall taste of death, and you shall only be paid fully your reward on the Day of Judgment; then whoever is removed far away from the fire and is made to enter the garden, he indeed has attained the object; and the life of this world is nothing but a provision of vanities (Quran 3:185)

    The Islamic Center of Union County provides funeral prayer and burial services for deceased Muslims. The ritual bathing and preparation of the body is done by Muslim