ICUC is open around the clock providing the five daily prayers, evening lectures and weekend programs for children, adults and families. ICUC organizes yearly educational and family conferences and children’s summer camps. The center regular activities also include counseling, assistance, advice, referral, marriage and funeral arrangements.

Islamic Weekend Schools 

ICUC Islamic weekend School, Al-Mizmar Quran Academy (MQA), and Al-Mishkat Sunday school and Al-Thahabia  Quran reading school offers part time pre-k to 12th grade, and adults and also after-school programs. ICUC occasionally offers introduction to Islam Classes and a variety of programs and extracurricular activities for the children and teenagers.

Outreach and Interfaith

ICUC has encouraged and been involved in outreach and interfaith activities since its inception. It is with the understanding that the Quran in chapter 5:48 provides the framework for cooperation among Abrahamic Faiths, that ICUC has been open for all religious-based schools and organizations to visit its sites and facilities and share friendly religious dialogue. Many Christian and Jewish schools and clergy have visited ICUC.

ICUC is actively participating in local clergy associations and humanitarian causes. God demands justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness. These are the good deeds that people who share faith in God can and should work together to promote. Read more..

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What We've Achieved