Tuition and Registration Fees

Registration fee is a one time payment per school year, as follow:

One Student - $25

Two Students - $40

Three Students - $50

Four Students - $55

Family of five or more - $10 each

Tuition fee is a recurring monthly fee, and it is due at the beginning of each month, as follow:

One Student - $50 per month

Two Students - $95 per month

Three Students - $135 per month

Family of four students or more - $150 per month

**In order to receive a discounted price for multiple students, the children must be from the same immediate family.

Books and printings fees is a one time payment, due at the beginning of the school year - $30 each student

Lunch fee (optional) is to be paid monthly, if you choose to purchase it from the school (i slice of pizza + juice + snack) - $10 per student

For any additions, please ask administration for any extra fees.