New House Project

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New House Project

Support icuc house project 


Invest with Allah now as there is no guarantees to witness next Ramadan 
Support ICUC house project 

“Build a better future for ICUC community “

Alhamdulillah, We have signed the contract and paid the down payment for a house adjacent to the masjid house. 2423 Steuben St., Union, NJ
We need to collect $355K during Ramadan in order to close by mid Jun on the adjacent property.
Please do your best effort to help ICUC reach this goal. 
The house will help meet the short and long term vision for ICUC expansion. The strategy is continue to buy houses around the masjid to be able to get approvals for expansion future projects for the urgent needs of parking spaces, school classes, and youth activities, buildup 3rd floor, and other community needs as part of the outlook ahead and future plans to be able to serve Allah's Deen for generations to come

Jazakum Allah Khair for the support