President of ICUC


Dr. Wail RasheeD, president

Wail Rasheed, President

Dr. Wail Rasheed is ICUC community servant, an Educator, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Medical Device Development leader, Developer, and is a community activist. 

Professionally, 27 years of working experience at Merck pharmaceutical company.

Dr. Rasheed is very family oriented. He is a husband and a father of 3 children, a son, a brother and community member. He also serves the Union Township Human Relations Commission and Union County vote of registration captain. He serves as the chaplain for the New Jersey Veterans Network and Operations Rebound Racing team.

He lead many community programs and projects such as Feeds the local homeless, tutors SATs students, Participates in cleaning local park and Beaches. He also participated in Midnight Drive by to dress the Homeless during the cold winter. He has adopted a senior citizen and visits weekly. Participated in unity in the community initiative, and feeds and dresses the homeless veterans to get them ready for job interviews. He leads ICUC networks to find community members jobs and helps supports improve local businesses. Founder of Islamic weekend school and an active members of the interfaith community.


“People have different religions, races, political stance. It doesn’t matter. We can all learn from one another to better our communities ”