Positive Attitude can change everything!

Sallam Alykium 

We wish our community great safe summer!

Our attitude has a huge part in how we live our life, how we deal with daily life and stress, if we are happy or easily upset and so on. The mind controls who we are and what we do, and this is why our attitude to life will dictate the way our mind will handle different situations in our day to day life. Our happiness and sadness really comes down to our attitude. Having the right attitude can change negative stress into positive accomplishments. Just by changing the way you look at different situations will actually change the situation, you will see solutions to problems, a way forward, you will learn and become better. Remember, positive thoughts give positive feelings and attract positive life experiences. If you can imagine with your mind, believe with your heart, you are on the way towards achieving your dreams

A positive attitude also effects everyone around you. Giving nice compliments, smiling and expressing kindness, helping those that need help, not only makes other people happy but the happiness is returned to you, increasing your own happiness. Most people are nice, and a good positive attitude will mostly be returned. And if not, It does not matter; all that matters is you feel good, and this will make you look good, because happy smiling people always look good. Not only looking good, the correct attitude will make life flow more smoothly, creating less stress, giving more energy, making you feel more youthful, blessed, and happy. Life is Beautiful  :)

Icuc summer camp that infuses both educational and recreational  experiences that will  keep your kids busy during the summer days. Students will learn Islamic Manners from the Qur'an and Sunnah, Salat, and many valuable life lessons in a fun, social  and enthusiastic environment.

Our goal is to raise young Muslims to become respectable and righteous adults who love practicing Islam.

Our camp theme for 2019 is "LIVING ISLAM".  The students will learn many of the Islamic manners that Prophet Muhammad ﷺhas taught us. Prophet Muhammad ﷺwas sent to Perfect Good Manners!

In Icuc camp,  the students will also learn and practice the proper way of Salah every day. They will memorize and understand the meaning of selected Duaa's as well as learn Qur'an and Hadith related to Islamic manners and many stories from the Qur'an.

Let's not forget the fun part! The students will enjoy many of our extra curricular activities

Register you children today icucnj.com

Al Thahabia  youth camp start July 8th

Quran memorization shiekh Rada daily whole summer. 

Youth camp August 19th 23rd Camp CAYUGA

Have a safe summer