The first step towards change is Awareness

Sallam Alykum 

My beloved community 

The first step towards change is Awareness  😍😍😍

When we are feeling positive, happy, and self-confident, life is easier, but to achieve this we need to also have awareness. Aware of what we are doing, what we are saying, and what we are thinking, and how our thinking affects how we feel. The day we decide that being aware of our thoughts, and how our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviour, that is the day when our life shall begin to change. Even just breathing in and being aware we are alive; the feeling of gratitude will come over us and we shall feel blessed.

Awareness doesn't stop us from making mistakes, what it does is make us aware when we make mistakes and allows us to learn, to improve, and become better. Without awareness we risk stress and worry, and if we complain or blame, all we are doing is making ourselves a victim, and we risk making the same mistakes over and over. This can be any situation from work to relationship. The better our awareness, the better choices we shall make, and making better choices leads to a happier and more productive life.

Awareness means being aware of what we are doing at all times, our actions, and how we influence others. By being aware of what we say and what we do, and how our actions can affect other people, as well as ourselves, means we are taking responsibility for our actions. Being aware allows us to see the results; did our words and actions help, or did we create distress. By being aware of our thoughts, our words, and our actions, will create less problems in life. This will then change our life, putting us in a better position to help, to give and receive love, and to gain a happier life. 

Having awareness allows us to look at ourselves, how we think, and how we feel, rather than just having an emotional response to what we are thinking. If we are worried and creating stress, awareness will show us this. If we are blindly reacting to something that happened or what someone said, gaining awareness allows us to see this, we are aware our actions are harming ourselves or others, and this allows us to learn to let go, to stop reacting, to change, and become better and happier. Depression is often from self-thinking, all we can see is the bad, all the good in our life no longer exists. But if we are able to detach ourselves from our thinking, as if we are looking at ourselves as a third person, we can ask ourselves why are we feeling like this. Having awareness will show us we are creating our own stress, it will tell us we need to let this go, to breath in and out and to stop the thinking, allowing clarity to return to the mind.

Everyone will over think at times, we are all human, but when we gain awareness we quickly know we are doing this, and able to stop. At first it will be difficult, but the more our awareness increases, the quicker we can respond, and the happier our life will become. Awareness is showing us we are creating our own stress, it allows us to identify and control our emotions. This is an important step in changing who we are. When we begin to let go and instead choose to be positive and grateful, our happiness will increase.

Being aware of our thoughts and emotions shall lead to a calmer, more positive, and loving person. Understanding our thoughts and emotions means we are better at understanding ourselves, allowing us to better manage our thoughts, our emotions, and our behaviour. Understanding our emotions means we will tend to act consciously, rather than blindly reacting, giving better psychological health and a more positive outlook on life, as well as being a more compassionate and accepting person. Having a positive mindset gives more clarity and creativity, increased energy, and leads to a beautiful and mostly happy life. Yes, life is beautiful 😁😊😀❤️❤️❤️


Wail Rasheed